The urethral stenosis  is the reduction of the urethral channel.

The Causes of the urethral stenosis
The stenosis is caused by:    
  •  Urethral trauma     
  • Urethral infections   
  •  Dermatological disease: Lichen Sclerosus (also known as Balanite Xerotica Obliterans)    
  •  Previous interventions repair of hypospadias     
  • Urethra cancer
What are the Symptoms of the urethral stenosis?   
  •   Difficulty to urinate   
  •    Feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder with the need to repeatedly urinate      
  •  Presence of blood in the urine   
  •     Blood from the urethral meatus  
  •     Urinary infections, sometimes with fever  

The most usual treatments for urethral stenosi are:   
  •   The urethral dilation  
  •     Urethroplasty   
  •   Urethrotomy   
The urethroplasty has more successful results.

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